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Monday, December 06, 2010

Day 409 - Off to Roxy's

I was up early this morning to finish getting ready for Kevin & Roxy's. They arrived mid-morning & unloaded my car for me. I then hopped in with them & left for Red Deer. We stopped in Olds & had pitas & bought a few dog treats. Because the girls don't have quite enough yet!

Naturally, Oceana wee'd on the rug as soon as we got to Roxy's. Thanks. Can't take these dogs anywhere! Grr!

Roxy whipped up some mushroom soup. It was raw. It was delicious! She also made us some chaga shilajit lattés, which I thoroughly enjoy! I can see how having a Vita-Mix blender makes all the difference in the world. When you don't have warm food in the winter, raw isn't so much fun!

Roxy is involved with her local community centre and they are planning their annual Christmas party. Roxy is in charge of the fliers, so she typed them up, printed them & then her & I drove around the neighbourhood dropping them off in mailboxes. We had some good laughs, as I madly scribbled one last snippet of information on the bottom, the e-brake that didn't work & trying to drive as close to the mailbox as possible... Never a dull moment when I'm with Roxy! We always have a good laugh!

We watched Knight & Day in the evening. I really liked it. I had heard less than positive reviews a few months back, but I really liked it! 'With me, without me. With me, without me.' Hey, what can I say? I'm an easy critic. Just give me a couple of laughs along the way.

I was pretty exhausted by the end of the movie. I've been getting up early & going to bed early. This was my latest night yet! 2300 is late! Give me a break! I'm enjoying the early to bed, early to rise thing!

On that note... sweet dreams! xxxx Maria, Valentina, & Oceana

How lucky is Kevin? This girl is FOXY no matter what! What a beautiful girl! 
Stunning hoar frost on the trees in their yard. 
I get the feeling of days gone by. 
A little blurry, but this is my backside & you can see mailboxes in the background.


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