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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 421 - Healing Room!

Today was the Healing Room. I was excited, nervous & anxious. I'll add the excerpt from my novel to help me out. The rest of the day I picked up groceries, visited Target (Yay!) & skyped with Jenn. I also visited Elizabeth's neighbour, who has a ministry in Africa & bought some beaded coffee jewelry to support her girls. Elizabeth & I watched The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe in the evening. It was a great movie! Yes, I'm behind the times! I hadn't seen any of the Narnia films. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Tomorrow is a full day at the Church & my last day in Redding. :o( I'm so sad it's gone too quickly! I don't want to go! I feel like I've found a secret continent & I'm having the time of my life here! Anyhow, blessings to you! Here's the excerpt:

The following morning was the Healing Room. First Elizabeth & I went to the Encounter Room to do a little ‘prep work’. While I was in there, they announced that if you had a heart condition or problem to stand up. I have been taking a chemo drug that is hard on the heart, so I stood up. When I opened my eyes to stand up, a lady was behind me (I think her name was also Elizabeth) & she was looking straight at me. ‘I knew it!’ she exclaimed. I was standing in front of the drummer & he went crazy on the bongos at that moment & my heart beat to the rhythm of the drums.

A few minutes later, we were called into the Healing Room. I met Holly & Katy, the two young girls the Heavenly Father was going to use to bring healing into my life. They laid hands on me & soon I started to weave & wobble back & forth. My back arched backwards & I held a really awkward position for a really long time, without any fatigue. One of the girls then suggested I lay down. Covered up under a warm blanket, my entire body felt this incredible coolness. I felt tingles on the left side, which is where the largest mass of cancer was. I felt my arm flush, as the lymph started to flow. There was burning heat in my head & neck and the presence of the Holy Spirit in my belly. My jaw stiffened & I felt heat transfer from the girls to my body. At some point, my husband & Jenn popped into my mind at the same time & I was instantly overwhelmed with love. The Lord showed me SO MUCH LOVE for them & from them. Jesus told me that I was healed & there was no more sickness. I was going to be fine! He told me I would heal others in His name one day.

The messages Holly & Katy shared with me included:
- I am one of God’s Queens
- They couldn’t leave my side, as they’ve never prayed for someone as powerful, with so much strength
- They see me piercing the darkness with God’s love & shattering the darkness
- I am one of God’s Warriors
- They don’t know anyone with as much hope.
- They see Angels around me
- I am courageous, strong & powerful
- God loves it when I sing (Is God tone deaf?) :o)

What a morning! Thank you Holly & Katy & thank you Jesus!!!

I felt like I could have run a marathon. Instead Elizabeth & I walked up the hill to the neighbours & I bought some jewelry to support her ministry in Ethiopia. She & her husband prayed for me before I left.

 Another life changing day! But the best is yet to come! Hang in there with me! xxxx Maria


Jenn said...

Makes me tear up all over again. Thank you Jesus for freedom!

Anonymous said...

quite the experience, Jill! Wow - can't wait to chat with you! Janis.

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