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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 431 - Hitmen Game!

Today I packed up some stuff & headed into the city. I am spending the next few days at Mom2's - we're having a late Christmas, as her stepson's girlfriend was in Mexico & they wanted to wait until the family was here to have Christmas. Lucky for me, I'll finally feel like eating some mashed potatoes & gravy! Even luckier to be getting some!

I felt pretty rough this morning & not much of an appetite. In fact, I thought I was going to spill over several times through out the day! Thankfully I didn't!

Mom2's neighbours gave them some Hitmen tickets, so Mom2, Dad2, Justine, Tyler, Ricky & myself all went to the game. It was a lot of fun! After the game, the kids were able to skate with the Hitmen & get autographs. It was a pretty memorable experience for a lot of kids. I was amazed at how young some of the kids were! Could they even walk without skates? Crazy!

I think the healthiest thing I ate was the bottle of water. Otherwise, there were pocket dawgs, pretzels, twizzlers, burgers, fries, onion rings, ice cream, cotton candy & sno-cones floating about... Yeesh. I tried some cotton candy. It's really quite amazing they can sell sugary fuzz. I pick the fuzzies out of my food, people eat fuzzies like they are going out of style! The aftertaste was atrocious! Yuck! I guess that's why the target market is under 12!

When we left the Saddledome, it had started snowing. Big, fluffy flakes! Tomorrow will look like Christmas - Yay! Oh & speaking of that, I gave Mom2 one of her gifts. I made her a necklace last night. It's pretty crude, but I'm still happy with it! I think she is too!

Okay, the little dogs are softly snoring by my side... I best join them! Lekker slaap & Merry Christmas! Again!
xxxx Maria, Valentina, & Oceana

Ricky & Valentina 
Just hangin' out! 
A little dart fun! 
 Go Zamboni Man!
 Game on!
 The Ra-Ra Crowd!
Mom2 & Curly Sue 
 Cotton Candy anyone?
Pink Tongue 
Purple Tongue 
Pink Tongue 
Green Ton, er, wait, that's my eyes... 
Blue Tongue 
Blue Kissy lips 
Face Off! 
Farley the Fox 
 Okay, good effort guys!
Little critters skating young! 
 Justine, Dad2 & Ricky
I love the last names - Roach & Cheek! 
Kissy kissy through plexi-glass! 
Ricky & the players - how cute is lil' Ricky!


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