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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Day 410 - Rawkin' It At Rawxy'z

I put the girls in the kennel last night. This morning, as they woke up, every time I would move, they would interpret that as, 'She's waking up! Yay!' and their tails would noisily thump against the kennel and they would whimper & whine. I was trying to be quiet, as not to wake Roxy & Kevin, but my efforts were fruitless. When I finally decided to get up, the girls made such a ruckus, NO ONE could have slept through that. Whoops. Sorry! I took them downstairs as quickly as possible, with Oceana missing the last step & I thought she'd surely broken her back legs. She's fine & Grace is still not her middle name.

Roxy & I took our time getting ready & enjoyed another raw meal. Warm mint chocolate elixirs. Yum! That girl is good! I keep telling her to open her own restaurant! She's even got the name sorted already!

We went to town in the afternoon & ran a few errands. We went to Nutter's, as it's 20% Tuesday & stocked up on a few things. Then Roxy & I ended up downtown & looked in a few of the shops. There were some really neat boutiques with a lot of interesting things! We stopped nearby for the best donairs in Red Deer - Kevin's favourite! Apparently their hummus is really good too. I agree!

We stopped for egg nog chai lattés & oh my oh my. What have I been missing? They are delightful! No where near healthy, but delicious! I could feel the headache settling in with the first sip!

Our last stop of the day was at Parable book store. They specialize in Christian books & gifts. I was so excited to go, as Calgary doesn't really have a great selection. I had picked out a bunch of books by some of the people featured in Finger of God & Furious Love. I asked Roxy if we could come back the next day, as I needed to sort out my finances before I could buy much. Roxy said, 'Sure. Are you going to narrow down your decision tomorrow?' Indicating my pile of books. I told her that was the narrowed down selection! I'm so excited to get reading!

We ventured home & Kevin enjoyed his donair, well, until the flu bug hit him! Poor fellow! Touch wood, but in nearly 6 months of chemo & no immune system, I haven't caught any of these horrible bugs floating around! Lucky me! Poor Kevin! Here's hoping he feels much better tomorrow!

Sleep well & I'll try to be quiet tomorrow!
xxxx Maria, Valentina & Oceana

 The girls working out on holidays.
Tuckered out after their work out. 
Mint chocolate elixirs & the chef at work in the kitchen. 
Delivering the last of the fliers. 
The bait for any would-be guard dogs while delivering fliers. 
 Rainbow roll sushi. SO yummy!
 Innards of the Rainbow roll.
 Flawless Roxy - doesn't she look completely different from yesterday to today, but still absolutely stunning?! Sigh. If only.
Cooperating with the Photographer. 
 Oh she'll regret that now!
 And this one too. (But she's still cute!)
 Oh, just open your eyes & bat those insanely long eyelashes already! (They really are THAT long. Her bottom lashes are as long as most people's top lashes!) (Some girls have all the luck!)
And now Roxy gets even! 
I'll drink to that!


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