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Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 416 - Round 11

Wow. Only one left after today. I found out that the Treatment Room will be closed on the 27th & 28th, which means I would most likely have to do my last round on the 29th. I want to get it over & done with, so Dr. Daly is going to let me do my last round on Christmas Eve. I'm not really in the Christmas spirit this year, so that suits me fine! I'll be plum happy to be all done & dusted for Christmas. Best present ever!

I told Dr. Daly how I felt about the radiation & he was accepting of my decision. If I change my mind, I'll let him know. I asked him to write me a letter to take with me when I travel to California. He said he'd write me a letter & tell them to keep me! Ha ha! I have grown to love Dr. Daly. He's a great Doctor - with a charming personality. He won't be there on Christmas Eve, so I'll most likely see Dr. Lategan, whom I've also gained an affection for. I've really been blessed with the Doctors & Nurses at Peter Lougheed. They are a wonderful bunch with big hearts!

As for treatment, I'm getting it down pat. I took my pre-treatment drugs on the way in & then one more Ativan just before they started. I was out like a light & slept through the whole thing again. We stopped for a chai egg nog latté on the way home, as well as gas & dog food. I slept the rest of the way home. Jaco called somewhere in there, but my mind gets foggy!

The Nurses said we'd have a celebration at my last round. One of them mention champagne. I asked if it went well with Ativan. NO! was the reply! I laughed & said, 'I saw Santa! And Rudolph!' They told me I likely would if I combined the 2! No champagne it is then!

My arm is doing much better, btw. I really regret no taking a photo of it at it's worst. It still looks pretty icky here, but it's getting better!

Sleep well & see you tomorrow... I'll be feeling more 'normal' then!
xxxx Maria, Oceana, Valentina & Adios

Warning: May churn your tummy a little!

 Graduation Flowers from Mom - they smell delicious!


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