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Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 420 - Sozo & Redding

Oooooh!!!!!! Those were the cuddliest sheets I have EVER slept in! Ami - you may never leave home if you haven't slept in them & if you have, why oh why didn't you take them with you??!!

We enjoyed a late breakfast & then an early lunch! Whoops! I called the shuttle company to confirm & they wanted me there a little earlier than expected. So, we wolfed down some chicken buns, pasta salad & away we went! It had rained throughout the night & continued for the rest of the day. Lucky we stopped at the waterfalls when we did! We wouldn't have seen too much today & it would have been quite slippery.

We hugged our goodbyes, although I'm sure I'll be back - only when Ami is home! I haven't met her husband yet. Come to think of it, she hasn't met mine either! And I've never been to Disneyland. Shame, isn't it?

The shuttle driver was named Gary. He was a real sweetheart too. Must be a California thing. Even the passengers were nice! I met a young fellow coming to see his sister & her family. They are missionaries in Uganda & are home for a year of training. We had a great chat after he mentioned Food, Inc. - have you watched it yet? Get crackin'! The other fellow was driving his Mom to his place in Southern California for Christmas & was on his way to fetch her.

The drive was beautiful! Even though it rained most of the way, the old trees were beautiful! The rolling hills & cattle grazing. I understand why it's big ranching country! Even I could be persuaded to chase cattle here!

When I arrived at the hotel, I waited for about 15 minutes for George to arrive. We were early & I don't have a cell phone, so I couldn't let him know. (Everyone was shocked that I didn't have a cell phone - how did I survive!?) When he did arrive, I knew it was him right away. I second guessed myself when a Kenny Rogers/Oak Ridge Boy looking chap walked in, but realized I was (thankfully) wrong.

George & his wife Elizabeth have a beautiful home they share with people coming to visit the church. If you are wanting to go, here's their website. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt at home. I'm going to share with you what I typed in a 10 page novel about the events that have transpired since I was told about Finger of God & Furious Love. If you want to read the entire document, drop me a comment & I'll email it to you. In case you're wondering what Sozo is, you can read about it here. Sozo, for me, was VERY powerful. We have one in Edmonton if you're interested. Anyhow, here's the text:

Fast forward to December 17th, 2010. I am met by George from Healing in His Wings. He picked me up from the shuttle & welcomed me into him & his wife’s home. I felt like I’d arrived home. They were so warm & welcoming – it was great! Their friend, Essie, was over for a visit. She hails from South Africa, a special place in my heart & coincidentally my husband’s home. Before she & Elizabeth left, they all prayed for me. Essie saw a dove land on my shoulder.

Sozo Ministry. Gosh. This is a novel, I’m sorry, but so much has happened to me since I was introduced to these films. I mean, I’m in California! Come on! *GRIN* Kathy, Kathy & Elizabeth conducted my Sozo. Wow. What a powerful experience. Immense forgiveness for both my parents, handing all my troubles to Jesus – I’m certain I lost 30 pounds in those 2 hours. (Don’t worry, most of it’s been gained back thanks to Turtles & egg nog. Merry Christmas!) Back to Sozo. A few key points – Kathy saw a crown being placed on my head. Jesus dressed me in a new white gown – my wedding gown! I’ve never had the gift of the Holy Spirit. I got it that night! Jesus also gave me the gift of Tongues. Oh & did I mention that he took me to a stream & baptized me? And ever since that night, I’ve felt his hand on my right shoulder. I haven’t had a Friday night like that in… NEVER! Yeah! 

Clearly is was a powerful night! And to think that this is just the beginning. Do you remember when I said I had spent nearly three years trying to heal myself? I tried physical & emotional healing, but never glanced in the direction of healing spiritually. People! I have arrived! The time is now! I haven't felt this amazing in a REALLY long time! 

Jenn had sent me a few messages on Skype and I really wanted to talk to her, but it wasn't going to happen, as it was really late in Texas! Tomorrow I have the Healing Room & then I would be able to share it all with her. I snuggled into my air bed under a scrumptious duvet of down & drifted away. Far away. Farther than California, that's for sure!

Sweet dreams & believe in MIRACLES my friend! 
xxxx Maria sans Valentina & Oceana 

 Posing by the tree - they have a beautiful tree!


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