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Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 476 - Christopher's Kitchen & Pizza & Graduation

Can you believe it? The day is finally here. The end. Time flies.

I spent the morning packing up my things. It’s going to be a heavy day at the airport tomorrow! I came with one bag, but my carry on has now become my 2nd checked bag! Whoops! And it’s small, but it weighs as much as my big suitcase! All the glass spice jars!

We had our graduation this afternoon. I knew what was going to happen. They would announce my name, I would walk up on stage & say something. What was I going to say? I hadn’t really thought about it, but I figured I’d just listen to a few of the others & go from there. Yeah, right. Not when you’re the first person called up on stage! How did that happen!? I’m so used to being called near the end – my maiden name started with ‘T’ & all of a sudden I’m first?! So much for hearing what the others had to say!

I know I’m certainly going to miss all these wonderful people. They are definitely a ‘new family’. Plenty of hugs were passed around this afternoon. My friend, Alice Bartel, the lady with the AMAZING voice, left this morning. I hope to see her in Redding at Bethel one day!

We had pizza for dinner this evening. It was delicious. No, really. It was that good. I was secretly VERY happy that I was leaving tomorrow, as I was able to ask for TWO takeaway boxes for tomorrow’s trip home. Lucky me! I would get to have pizza 3 times instead of once! Whoo hoo! And, a certain someone agreed to help me get some ice cream for tomorrow too! I was leaving before it would be served in the evening, so I would miss it again… but not now! I’m happy about this!

Woody & Jackie wanted to go for Raw Dessert this evening, so Chandler & I joined them & we headed up to Christopher’s Kitchen. It was AWESOME! We enjoyed ice cream parfaits, key lime pie, and chocolate ganache. It was great to travel off the grounds & still enjoy raw cuisine! It was really wonderful to visit with Jackie, Woody & Chandler. I’m going to miss them a lot. Here’s hoping we can meet up again soon & enjoy a delicious raw meal together!

When we drove back, I was supposed to meet Chandler & Ron & Ron’s friends, but when I went to the hall, I couldn’t see anyone! I’m quite sad, as I didn’t get to say goodbye to Chandler at all! I’m sure I’ll see him in Calgary again one day, but nonetheless! Miss you Buddy! Enjoy the Educator’s Program!

I also said goodbye to Woody & Jackie. They were staying elsewhere for the next few days… Here’s hoping we’ll meet up in Glacier or Waterton this summer… It’s never goodbye – just until we meet again…

And so, my time at Hippocrates comes to an end. 10 lbs lighter, a lot healthier cholesterol, a happier lymph system, improved digestion, increased energy, and a much cleaner body, I’m headed back to the chilly homeland tomorrow. Goodbye sunny Florida…


Singing with gusto!
Happy Birthday Mary!
Yay! I've graduated!
Jackie & Woody - my new & dear friends
Monika - looking stunning!
Jackie & Woody give a lil' speech
Tracey & Paul
My fellow Canadian!
The one week grads
Anca - Woweee!!!
Ron & Daniel
Ron & I
Anca, Moi & Monika
Ros, Moi & Daniel
My roomies & fellow South African!
Teddy - the beefy vegan!
Big grins all around!
My Irish friend!
The kitchen staff - Valencia rocks!
Elias, Claudia & Carmenza
Pretty fountain
Jeff - I love this guy!

Woody marks the spot!
Ron & Carlos
Jack & Irene
Jack & Jill!

Pretty stained glass in the laser room.
You don't see this everyday in February back home!
Lorraine & Tony - love these two!
The gang!
Raw ice cream parfait!
Raw Key Lime Pie
Raw Chocolate Ganache
She looks so much like Sarah - my friend in Vancouver!
Jackie, Woody, Chandler & myself
Christopher & Sarah's look-a-like


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