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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 481 - Dental Appointment & Hot Diggity Dog It's Cold Out!

I finally spoke with my husband this morning! Yay! The days are dwindling until I see him again! I can hardly wait! I have so much to do yet, but I will get there! I smell a few late nights in the near future!

I zipped off to Black Diamond for my check up. It was snowing nicely when I left. Yay. I had a great check up though! I love it when Dentists ask me if I've had braces. I haven't. My teeth are starting to crowd slightly, but nothing to panic about! He also said they were quite white. I was thinking about a whitening kit again, but perhaps I'll hold off.

I stopped at the pet shop & picked up a few weeks worth of dog food for the girls. I sure do miss them. My days don't seem complete without a cuddle & wag from both of them. Sigh.

I stopped in at Mom2's & picked up Jaco's papers to start his registration application. (finally) I dropped off the dog food & chatted with Jordan about being a vegan body builder. I'm going to work on him! He'll try a little here & there! Just you wait & see!

Oh nuts. Yes, nuts. I went to CNF next & spoke to the bulk department to see if I could order nuts in bags instead of the plastic tubs. I'll need about 12 kilos of various raw, organic nuts to get me through the next stage of my new life. I know it sounds crazy, but at least I can take my nuts with me. Can you take months worth of chicken & beef with you? (I'm actually pretty excited to make this stuff!)

It has turned bitterly cold again & I was happy to get home. I chatted with a few friends this evening & did my best to start getting organized for the big trip. I've got a long ways to go. I'm not even unpacked from Florida, let alone Saskatchewan, let alone packed for Jaco!

Wish me luck for a productive day tomorrow!

xxxxMaria & Valentina


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