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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 487 - Scarborough, Tobago

Today was a first for me! I’ve never been here before! I thought we were going to be in Port of Spain, but I was wrong. Which is most unfortunate, as I had made arrangements to purchase organic produce from one of the locals! I called her this morning only to find out that we were 6 hours by ferry away from each other! Thankfully she was able to use the produce herself, so it wasn’t going to waste!

M&D2 & I enjoyed a lengthy sleep. We met around noon & went out. We found a local market & bought a few coconuts. I was happy to get meat out of the coconut & started making bacon as soon as I was back onboard!

We looked for soil & planting trays. No luck on the trays, but success in finding soil! We didn’t find too much around town as far as sight-seeing went, but we enjoyed looking in the little shops at souvenir clothes & such. Of course, we walked down the waterfront to a little patch of dark sand beach. M&D2 were pretty excited to put their feet in the warm waters of the Caribbean! We picked a few shells & stones & made our way back to the ship.

In the afternoon, we met in Horizon Court & went through the tour sheets & selected our activities for the next 2 weeks. They are very excited to snorkel & beach it whenever they can! I’m so excited for them to experience life onboard!

We’ve applied for a snorkeling tour tomorrow & Jaco is going to come with us! Yay! I know it will be a challenge for him to come ashore with us, so I’m happy that we can squeeze this in right off the bat!


Just in time for a downpour!
Almost the best picture I've ever taken!
The lovely Sea Princess
Their first dip into the Caribbean Sea
Enjoy the ride guys!
Love the Caribbean Speak...
More Caribbean Speak


Jenn said...

Everyone looks so happy! What a wonderful time. Sure hope your "sister" can come visit soon! Love you!

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