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Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 490 - Bonaire

This morning M&D2 went on a snorkeling tour to Klein Bonaire. I, however, did not join them. I went scuba diving this afternoon with the Nurses – Bronwyn & Nik, and the Doctor – Leana. We went with Wannadive & it was brilliant! We did a drift dive down the coast starting at Bari Reef.

We saw angelfish, tarpon, sea cucumbers, parrotfish, flounder, blue tangs & plenty of other fish I don’t know the names of! I had a few mask issues, so when I surfaced, all the water that had sat in my nostrils & mask for the duration of the dive, led to a little draining of the sinuses – to say the least! I don’t remember the last time I had to blow & blow & blow my nose that much! Yeesh! Thankfully I was with a bunch of Medics & they are used to bodily fluids!!

On our way back to the ship, we walked to the road & were picked up, unexpectedly, by friends of Leana’s that used to work on ships & are now opening a club in Bonaire! Leana was quite excited to see them!

Once back at the ship, the Medics went to work & I walked around town a little. I found an ice cream shop I remembered from last year – they still had Rainbow Sherbet! I also found a pretty little ring I quite fancy… Sigh. A girl’s got to have a few things on the wish list!

Back on board, I went upstairs for sailaway & just after we’d set sail, I found M&D2 on deck 7. They were going to go upstairs for dinner tonight, so I joined them & had a nice salad. Dad2 is thoroughly enjoying the dessert section of the buffet. The cookies are a favourite. Hmm… where have I seen this before!?

They are so cute. They are tired of early morning tours already. It makes me giggle. They get up at 0500 every day & now that they have to get up at 0800 for a tour, they are exhausted! I understand completely, as the sun & heat are intense, but when will they be here again? I convinced them to keep going & not cancel their tours. I know they’ll thank me later! And they have a few days to sleep in – sea days!

On that note, I’m off to bed. Tomorrow morning is another tour!

Leana, Bronwyn & Nick
Yours truly
Tanks, tanks alot
Divers Paradise Indeed!
Loading up the truck
Into the water we go!
Spotted eel
Nick - lovin' every minute of it!
Hmm - a pretty fish!
Yellow Snapper?
Tarpon - big fish. 4-5'
A-O-K - for Dr. Daly! Sans Bleomycin & a great dive it was!
Leana waving hello!
Unda da sea! Darlin' it's better down where it's wetta - take it from me!
Tarpon again
Divers in the deep blue
Here fishy, fishy!
Oh the mystery of it all...
School of fish
Ooooh la la!
Hello little friend!
Hello again!
Parrot fish & snapper & ??
Cool blue colour, eh?
Flat fish that changes colour wherever it lands
Almost done the dive
Hiding under the rocks
Where to go next?
Apres dive
Wannadive - great dive co.!
Nick! Watch out!
Hitched a ride with some of Leana's friends
Just another day in paradise
Leana & Charlene & Doh! I forgot his name!
A rare silent & empty moment in Horizon Court
Little sailboats


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