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Friday, November 05, 2010

Day 378 - Fire. Again.

This afternoon I was planning on zipping into Bragg Creek to order a replacement driver's license, as I seriously can't remember where I last saw my old one. Of course, I JUST missed the gal who is in charge of licensing. Okay. I guess it's off to Calgary I go. I stopped to pick up the mail before I left. There was a parcel card. The clerk told me she needed to see my driver's license in order to hand over the parcel. I laughed. I told her I didn't have one because the gal had left early. I offered a passport, but she told me I'd need a utility bill to accompany my passport! I guess the parcel will wait until Monday when Mom can pick it up.

On my way to Calgary, on the 22x just west of Red Deer Lake School, I could see smoke. Then fire. No fire trucks. Why did I leave my cell phone at home today!!?? The traffic was slowing down & as I approached I could see the flames high on the left side of the eastbound lane. There were also smaller flames on the right side. There was a house not 20 yards from the right side flames. As I slowly drove 'through' the fire (no fire on the pavement) I couldn't believe it. I could FEEL the heat intensely inside the cab. I had changed the ventilation to recycle inside the cab, so I knew it wasn't from that! SCARY!!! Shortly after I passed through the 'ring of fire' I saw a motorhome on the side of the road. It was towing an SUV with the front left wheel completely destroyed. The driver was pouring water on the wheel & it was still smoking. CRAZY!!! I was pretty spooked! As soon as I got to AMA, I called 911 & thankfully they had received a lot of calls already. The crazy part was when I drove home 1.5 - 2 hours later, the fire department & police were still on site. The flames had really spread & burned a long distance! I was amazed! Thankfully the house didn't burn! What a scary thing! I'm certainly afraid of fire now!!!

Meanwhile, back at the AMA, I sported the blonde wig for my new driver's license... Tee hee hee... I feel like a spy or International Agent. I love it! My real hair is pretty much toast. I have little bits & pieces here & there & it's been quite sore this past week. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's aching to fall out?

I picked up a few small things for Jaco's birthday tomorrow & boogied home. We left for Banff shortly after & drove through a little rain near Canmore. Unfortunately we were too late to stop at the Rocky Mountain Bagel shop. Hopefully on the way home! Mmmm!!!

Our hotel room is REALLY NICE! I was a bit worried, as the photos online didn't do it much justice, but it's very nice! I'm kicking myself that I didn't sign up for their points program when I went to Mexico, as I would have had 29 days the first trip, 17 the second & now these few days here! Oh well. Live & learn!

We had a little nibble at Magpie & Stump & then drove up to the Banff Centre to check out the recital hall we need to be at tomorrow morning at 0900. It's going to be an early/long day! Yikes!!!

Tomorrow is Jaco's birthday, so I'm excited to treat him to dinner! What a lucky girl I am. Such a handsome man with such a handsome personality. It's like it's my birthday & not his!!!

We're also meeting my friend Karen for lunch tomorrow. She called yesterday & said she was coming through Calgary & wanted to meet up. I called her back to tell her we wouldn't be home because we were going to the Film Festival. She phoned me back to tell me she was going to the Film Festival too! We're meeting after our morning films to have a visit! Awesome!

On that, I'm off to bed! It's an early start tomorrow! Sleep well!
xxxxMaria & Jaco

 Just in case Jaco hogs the blankets.

 Magpie & Stump


Anonymous said...

Love Magpie and Stump - but, I hope for your sake, you left the guacamole alone! Janis

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