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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 397 - Redhead Photos

Today I went to town & had my passport photo retaken. My passport has no blank pages on it & it doesn't expire for another 2 years. Sigh. I wanted to use my previous photos, as Peter & Gail always do a great job. It's more like a glamour shoot than a mug shot! Unfortunately the Government require passport photos to be current within 6 months. Hmm... Bald passport photos? I don't think so! I won't post the photo just yet, but I think it's pretty good. I'll be anxious to see the look on the immigration officer's face when he compares the real thing to the photo!

I hadn't worn this particular wig out in public until today. I previously thought it was a bit much, and perhaps it was for a passport photo, but oh well. It is fun & I get a kick out of looking completely different from day to day or at least time to time!

Mom had errands in Cochrane & the city, so she dropped me off at home & I took the afternoon to putz around with my stamping tools. I hadn't attempted much until today. I am learning a lot! I put a placemat under the anvil, as I didn't want to wreck Mom's table. As I stamped away, some of the stamps really jumped around, giving a poor impression. I thought to myself, 'Hmpf. These are crappy stamps! I won't order any more of them!' I went on the website to check out what was available in the other, 'superior' kind & I read the find print on the 'crappy stamps'. It said: Do NOT put anything under the anvil when using these stamps. Enough said. My stamping looks pretty crude right now, but it was a lot of fun. If you have any inspirational quotes or sayings that are short-ish, email me & I'll try to stamp them. I thought I had a lot of words in my head, but while I was stamping, my brain went blank.

On a completely unrelated note, have you checked out these BBC animals videos?  I think they are particularly hilarious! There are several - be sure to watch them all!

Have a great night!

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