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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 390 - Up For Half A Day.

Today was pretty much a write-off. Seeing as I didn't fall asleep until 0600, I slept until the afternoon, upon which Jaco called & told me that he was sorry he didn't call earlier. Didn't matter to me, as I was dreaming of him! He is having internet & phone card difficulties, so he couldn't get ahold of me that easily. Oh the joys of being half a world away. The dogs cuddled with me to stay warm, they don't like the winter either. Oceana is enduring the trials that Valentina endured last winter. Going potty fast enough before her limbs start to seize up. As if she doesn't walk bow-legged enough already - you should see her once a leg starts to freeze up! She'll learn quick enough what she needs to do when she goes outside! Bless her little heart & short legs!

I finally took the time to catch up on the blog, although it is driving me a little crazy right now with the video editing. I just don't know how to get the clips small enough to load quickly, but yet stay a decent quality. Any suggestions? I'm not too experienced at loading videos, but I don't have the right software, either!

In any case, I'm attempting to retire early tonight & try to straighten out this terrible sleep pattern I've got rolling! Sleep well & stay warm! xxxxMV&O

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