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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 400 - Wenda.

It is with a heavy heart that I received the email this morning that my friend Wenda, whom I met in Tijuana at Dr. Castillo's, has passed away. Her bright & beautiful smile had the capacity to light up an entire room & warm the hearts of those in it. She always wore colourful socks to cheer up herself & others around her. Bless your heart Wenda. I miss you!

What a beautiful woman. Look at that smile.

This morning I called Jenn bright & early, as I was still awake. We had a wonderful chat about life & all the amazing things that are happening for the both of us. She has introduced me to the Bethel Church in Redding, California that has had many miracles. They have Healing Rooms on Saturday mornings & you can travel to Redding for a healing or you can skype them if you are unable to travel there. I tried to skype them last week, but didn't get through. I tried to call them during the week, but they are very busy! So, this morning I tried to skype them again. About the time I decided I was tired, I heard the skype phone ringing! It was the Healing Room! 

They prayed for me 3 times during our call & as soon as the first prayer began, I felt a huge heat wave rush through my body & when I looked at myself in the webcam, my face was beet red. I had my hand on my neck while the man prayed for me. I checked my neck after the prayers & the lumps were so much softer & smaller! Wow! It's a miracle! Praise God! Can you believe it! We said goodbye & I laid in bed, reciting a prayer over & over again with my hand on my neck. Shortly thereafter, they called me again! I had sent a message to both of their skype addresses, so I got a second call 'by accident'. Thus, I received more prayers! Whoo hoo! 

As I drifted off to sleep, I couldn't help but notice the brightness behind my eyelids. It was as though the sun was beaming into the room. At first I thought, 'How am I going to sleep if it's this bright?' I opened my eyes, only to see NO SUNSHINE in the room! I closed my eyes & the brightness returned. It continued for about 10 minutes or until I finally drifted asleep! What a crazy way to start/end the day!

I woke up at 1800 this evening. Whoops. I was supposed to go to Mom2's via Black Diamond to shoot some Christmas photos for Stirr, but I realized that my Picc line wasn't looking so good. I think I may have an infection. I was about to drive to Black Diamond when I realized that I had the heavy boxes in my car & I couldn't lift them out. Hopefully things won't deteriorate too much by tomorrow morning (or afternoon at my rate!) So, I didn't go to the city today, either. I managed to catch up on the blog (finally!) & do some more reading. I seem to find all of these controversial topics... I'm not sure why, but I seem to be an advocate for some pretty crazy topics these days! Oh well, keeps things interesting! 

Phew. What a day. Have a great sleep & we'll see you tomorrow! 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Jill, its been 2 years since Wenda passed away and seeing her in your blog brings back good memories we had together getting to know each other. Bill

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