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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 391 - Prayers & An All Nighter

So after a lengthy hiatus, I'm attempting to catch up after sleeping for only 1 hour. I have heartburn, I'm too hot & I was woken up by Mom's screaming tea kettle, which screamed for 9 minutes straight. I guess that's better than the 1/2 hour from a while back, but the whistle was greatly enhanced this morning.

Traveling back in time, well, it won't take long to catch up. I couldn't sleep, didn't sleep, slept, slept more, couldn't sleep, didn't sleep & history repeats itself. Not sure what's up, but I'm pretty fed up with it.

Mom drove me into town tonight for groceries & then we went to prayers. I had a melt down in Safeway. I think my current situation is getting to me. I can't handle much, so it appears. I went through the self checkout, as all the other (2) lines were busy with full carts. It took forever & because I used my own bags, it kept saying, 'Unauthorized item in the bagging area'. And then I had to wait. And wait. It wouldn't scan. Same message again & again. Mom got fed up & went to the car with the groceries while I was trying to pay. I hit 'Debit Card' & it did nothing. I swiped my card. Nothing. This process was as long & drawn out as it could have possible been for 2 bags of groceries. To top it off, there were 3 clerks standing around chatting. Finally I snapped. I had been muttering under my breath for most of the experience. I said loudly, 'Would someone please tell me why I can't swipe my card? All I want to do is pay for the groceries & get some food in my belly!' The clerk just stares at me & then says, 'Where are your groceries? What are you paying for?' I told her Mom had already taken them to the car. She tells me she needs to see what I'm paying for. I told her it was on the screen, can't she just swipe my card for the $88.11 it says I need to pay!?!? Still staring at me, her colleague, also staring, says, 'That will mess up our system.' To which I said,  'Well, that lousy scanner messed up my night.' They swiped my card & I left. Argh.

Thank goodness we were headed to prayers next! I needed some prayers for patience & stress relief. We had some great discussions, as always! Mom drove home on the icy roads & I slowly came to the realization that I wasn't going to be going very far in the next few months. Sigh.

Of course, I couldn't sleep when we got home, so I stayed up. In fact, spilling onto Friday...

Meet Beyoncé


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