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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 387 - Skype & Phone

After a late night of Skyping around the globe, I tried to sleep late. Although Jaco told me he would call around 9. I forgot to ask if that was 9 my time or 9 his time. So, I woke up with a start several times throughout the morning thinking that I'd missed his call. Nope. He meant 9 his time.

Luckily the dogs were content to sleep late with me. I guess they were tired from their big day of goodbyes yesterday too. I woke up late & found Jaco online. I called him right away & we had a chat for an hour or so before he had to board his plane & finally journey home. He'll arrive around 4 or 5 this morning - my time! The dogs were very cute when they heard his voice. They were looking on both sides of the laptop, unable to see his face on the screen. Poor things. They really miss him!

After I skyped with Jaco, I called Mom2 & we spoke for about 2.5 hrs. Yup. It was a long one! But we had a lot to talk about! We are going to our first raw food lesson next Sunday. I'm excited to learn!

I then realized that I had no water, so I boogied into town to buy another jug of water. The girls chased away the bulls from the car when we went outside. It was cute. 10-13 lbs chasing away gargantuan bulls with horns & hooves!

Once I was back inside, I skyped with Jenn in Texas. Harrison was still up! He made my day! 'Hello Aunty Jo!' 'Valentina!' 'Miss you Aunty Jo!' 'I love you Aunty Jo!' Be still my beating heart! What a little star that boy is. He's grown so much already! I can't believe it! I'm so grateful for Skype & beautiful friends! Jenn & I had a fabulous chat about life & all its splendour. I can't wait to visit them!

I phoned Dad after that & April answered. Apparently Dad & Jeff left for Texas for 10 days! If I had only known! I would have gone to see Jenn & the kids! Dad & Jeff are going to a cattle course of some sort, so hardly my cup of tea, however, it would have been fun to see Jenn!

Next up I called Collet. She is humming right along with her 2 boys. Zeke is growing like a weed & I can't wait to see him. She is so busy trucking all over the place, I'm not sure when I'll get my chance, but hopefully soon! I have intentions to visit & help her out. I'm not the best 'Mom', but I'll clean or something like that!

What a day! I'm doing my best to get caught up on the blog (again) & tomorrow is treatment again. Only three treatments left after this! Gosh! Can't they just give me one super dose & have it all done & dusted? That would be nice!

Oh! If you're a friend on Facebook, you'll see the photos already, but if you're not, I'll share my wigs & their 'personalities' with you - one by one - over the next couple of weeks. Let me know which ones you like the best! There's a special surprise at the end! I hope you like it!

Lekker slaap!

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