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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 393 - Tutu Terrific Tweet Pea!

The other night, while Mom & I were leaving Neil's place after prayers, the girls were trotting across the parking lot, in their matching sweaters. Tweet Pea had a squeaky toy in her mouth. We spotted a fellow walking 2 dogs, with a 3rd dog off leash. Uh-oh. The girls spotted the other dogs & immediately started barking, tails up. The 3rd dog trots over & the sniffing begins. The 3rd dog tries to sniff Oceana & she's having none of it! Of course, Valentina just shoves her snout right up the 3rd dog's backside. Oh so polite! Naturally the 3rd dog whips around as if to say, 'EXCUSE ME?!' At which point the 3rd dog decides she doesn't want anything to do with the girls. Valentina takes off after the 3rd dog, rather aggressively, toy in her mouth & shaking her head violently back & forth. It was so funny. I've never seen her behave like that! It was as though she thought she was a Rottweiler!

Anyhow... Today I slept until 1300. I managed to stay up until about 0100. I took some photos of Valentina today in her tutu. Her what? Yes, her tutu. My friend, Julie, who I went to high school with, curled with, played volleyball, and learned piano from, has started making tutus. They are adorable! Whether you are a big kid or a little kid, or a dog, she has a colourful tutu for everyone! Here's her facebook page - Tutu Terrific by Julie - & be sure to 'like' her, as she does free giveaways every so many fans.  Here are the photos from Valentina's Ballerina debut!


 Meet Angelina




Anonymous said...

Awww, thanks for the shout out, Jill!! I appreciate that! =) Valentina looked so amazing in her photo shoot...she could be America's next top dog model! ;P


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