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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 392 - Brrr! Cold Photos & Sleep

I had breakfast with my Mother! That NEVER happens!!! We had poached eggs on toast. She was off to Ken's for the weekend, so I was looking forward to a weekend with the girls. Although it was beastly cold out! She was outta the yard just before 0800.

Hmm. What to do now? I had skyped briefly with Kim last night & she had encouraged me to go outside & take some 'snowy' photos, after she listened to me lament about how much I loathed winter. So, I decided to head outside, camera in mitten. I wandered around through the snow. I was so cold by the time I got to the barns, I was uncertain I would make it back without frostbite.

Since I've been doing chemo, I've lost all my nose hairs. What a glorious thing you say? Well, yes, for obvious feminine reasons, but no for other practical reasons. Your nose hairs do a fine job of filtering the air you breathe & I'm not exactly sure why, but my nose runs a lot more without the hair. And, since today was freezing cold, I couldn't even feel my nose running. Yep. It was dripping half way down my body when I realized... Eew. Gross. Thank goodness for Kleenex!

I came back in the house, called Jenn, told her of my plan to stay up all day to 'right myself out', then skyped Jaco, then got REALLY sleepy. I fell asleep at 1000. I woke up at 1800. I ate a bit, talked to Jenn again & skyped with Kim again. Then I slept again. I went to bed at 2300. What a day.

I think cold impacts my body differently while I'm on chemo. I haven't googled it, but man, my bones & joints were aching like CRAZY after I came inside. I thought I was getting sick or something - although they told me I would have no other symptoms besides a fever, so??? Anyhow, one more reason to avoid the cold!

Even the dogs don't like it. They really don't want to go out to go potty. Their little legs freeze up so quickly. They become like little paralyzed creatures. Oceana often puts one leg up in the air like she's found a giant fire hydrant. Then when she comes in she walks all bow-legged & crooked... I shouldn't laugh, but it's kinda funny. I go outside with them to make sure they get 'er done.

Alright... Stay warm! It's far too cold out there!


(I'll post snowy photos later)

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