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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Day 379 - Film Roll A & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY!!!

I think it goes without saying that Jaco & I aren't morning people. This morning we had to be at the recital hall by 0830 if we wanted to get a seat. As usual, we were about 15 minutes late. Luckily we were still able to score decent seats. The morning of films were incredible. We watched:

1. As It Happens - 16 minutes long. 2 young fellows climb a massive peak in Nepal & put together video segments that were uploaded online via satellite & viewers from around the globe could watch 'live' as their expedition unfolded. (We saw the after effects blended into this film)
2. Tibet: Murder In The Snow - 51 minutes long. Wow. This was a shocking film. A Romanian videographer captured horrifying events as they unfolded. 75 Tibetans attempted to cross the border through a high mountain pass & flee from the restrictions of life under Chinese rule. Unfortunately they were spotted by Chinese border patrol & to the horror of the climbers at the base camp, they witnessed events they would never have expected. The Chinese border patrol open fired on the Tibetans. Injuring several helpless people & killing a 17 year old Nun. The film showed a Chinese Official later saying on the news that the border patrol was simply doing what it had to do in order to protect China's borders. Shocking! I'll think twice the next time I pick up something 'Made In China'. Sad. Very sad.
3. The Fall Line - 13 minutes long. This short film featured a former US soldier whose legs were blown off in an attack in Iraq. Learning to deal with no legs & 2 small children was a difficult adjustment (!), however, he has found life on the ski hill! With special equipment, he has been able to learn to ski & is competing in the 2010 Paralympics in Whistler, BC. What a story!
4. Crossing The Ditch - 54 minutes long. This was our last film before our lunch break. It was one of my favourites. Two young Aussie lads attempt to cross the Tasman sea from Australia to New Zealand. It is a 2200 km stretch of some of the most treacherous waters in the world. They were humourous, despite their serious struggles to accomplish this feat in a kayak. Well done Justin & James!

For lunch we were going to meet up with Karen, but when we did finally meet her, she had met someone who was sitting on the panel with Greg Mortenson. Who's that? The fellow who wrote Three Cups of Tea & Stones Into Schools. Karen is a Teacher & she loves humanitarian issues. You go girl! We'll see you tomorrow for lunch!

Jaco & I were exhausted, but we didn't have time for a nap. We ended up at the St. James Pub & had DELICIOUS turkey, brie, & strawberry sandwiches with hot soup. Luckily they also had big cushy chairs for us to relax in. Those sandwiches were SO YUMMY!!!

We motored back to the film festival & settled in for our afternoon viewings. Here's what the afternoon held for us:
5. Into Darkness - 15 minutes long. The world of caving. Wow. This one was a little claustrophobic for me. A few fellows took us on a journey into the underworld & there were definitely a few tight squeezes! Of course, there were some incredible open rooms with beautiful stalactites & incredible colours & formations.
6. Wolverine: Chasing The Phantom - 54 minutes long. This was also a favourite film. I knew very little about the Wolverine prior to watching this film. They are really amazing animals! Their legs are 10" long & they weigh around 30 lbs. Yet, they can cover distances & climb heights in record time. They also share incredible family bonds. Absolutely fascinating. I hope you get the chance to watch this film.
7. Scottish Ice Trip: Looking For Nessie - 26 minutes long. This film had a fair bit of French & Scottish humour in it. It was filmed in Scotland on Ben Nevis during a snowstorm, which is apparently the ideal condition for climbing. They are not allowed to use bolts, so it makes for an interesting climb. A fun film.
8. Tuzgle - 21 minutes long. Filmed in northern Argentina, one Swiss climber (the only female) & 9 French climbers travel into a remote area filled with giant boulders perfect for climbing. Crazy things happen under the scorching heat of the Argentinian sun!
9. Seconds - 5 minutes long. Similar to the film we saw at the Snow Show, this one features a camera that captures 1000 frames per second, giving you an very in-depth, detailed view of various sports. Very cool perspective.
10. Mountains: Life In Thin Air - 60 minutes long. This was filmed by the BBC as part of their 'planet' series. It was about humans living in remote mountain regions & how they have overcome the obstacles of living in these isolated areas. We saw Kazak hunters who use eagles to help them hunt. We saw an eagle take down a fox! In New Guinea they hunt & eat bats. Yes, I gagged the entire way through that one! In Nepal (I think) they don't have a burial ground for their deceased & in order to avoid disease, they cut up the dead & allow vultures to eat the corpse. This was not a movie for the faint at heart!!!

This was the day of films! We left the recital hall & returned to the hotel room. Jaco rested while I went out to pick up some dinner & last minute presents for the most wonderful husband on the planet. :o) I nearly missed dinner, as we had to head back to the Banff Centre to see the Wild Water program. Yes, more movies! My butt was permanently numb by the end of the day! This evening, we watched:
1. Eastern Rises - 38 minutes long. This was my favourite film of the so far. It was filmed in the Kamchatka region of Russia - Eastern Russia. It was a film about fly fishing. I don't fish. But this film rocked. It had stunning scenery & gut busting humour. I wished it was 2 hours long instead of 38 minutes! Brilliant!
2. The Ultimate Ride: Steve Fisher - 59 minutes long. This crazy South African takes us on a kayak ride of the Zambezi river when it is at a record height. I think he must be insane. I can't stand being in water that's moving, especially if I can't see the bottom! We're talking whitewater, ridiculous rapids & life risking moments. I think I shook for most of the movie!
3. WildWater - 30 minutes long. The final (!) film of the day depicted why kayakers love what they do. Beautiful scenery, being in nature & of course, the odd adrenaline rush every now & then. I'm still not convinced to try it, but it certainly was beautiful!

A little worse for wear, we headed back to the hotel finally settled in for the night. We didn't take long to crash. What a full day! Tomorrow we'll do it all over again!

 Mountain Air!
Justin Beaver spotted in Banff! 
 Big stick!!
Worn & ragged from our marathon of films! Happy Birthday Babe!!!


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