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Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 385 - Packing & Last Minute Things

Today sucked. Tomorrow he leaves. I'm not happy. I spent 5 hours in the city running around. Luckily Trisha called & forewarned me about the horrible accident on hwy 2 & I checked online. If I hadn't, I would have been stuck in a detour on hwy 8, as there was another horrible accident. What's going on? The weather is still good & people are still crashing? I'll be worried once things turn cold & snowy!

I picked up Jaco's pants from Lululemon that we dropped off for hemming, CNF for fruit, Wal-Mart for bins to pack away our things & then fuel, water & the last supper. It was rather frustrating to have to drive in on hwy 22, then all the way up McLeod Trail to Chinook, then all the way back down McLeod Trail to leave on hwy 22. Oh well. What can you do? At least I made it home safe & sound.

Jaco was nearly done packing by the time I arrived home at 2100. I helped him with a few things & did my best to tidy up the house, as I knew Mom would be coming home soon & spazzing about the state of the place. I went outside about 0100 to throw out the garbage & thought I might as well burn it, seeing as we would be up for awhile yet. When I got to the burning barrel, to my surprise, it was quite full. Mom must have put boxes in it & not lit them. I crammed my three bags of rubbish in on top of the cardboard boxes & proceed to light them on fire. I went back in the house & peeked outside every once in awhile to check on the flames & make sure I wasn't burning down the house. I checked out the window & to my surprise, the flames were raging quite high. I got a little nervous and sat & watched the flames for awhile. When I was confident I wasn't going to set K-Country on fire, I resumed cleaning/packing. About 10 minutes later, I looked out the window again. Oh dear. I think it's time for a new barrel. The flames had burned their way down the barrel. The barrel was FULL of holes. I don't know how the flames didn't escape. It was ridiculous. I could see more flames on the sides of the barrel than I could out the top of the barrel. See photo below.

Needless to say, I didn't go to sleep until all was dark & cool out back. I'm typing this from the bedroom, so the house is still standing. I'm telling you - if fire isn't in my demise, you can call me a liar!

Sweet dreams & enjoy the ones you love! I'm going to miss mine come tomorrow!!! xxxxMJV&O

And he was even underweight!


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