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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Day 382 - Jessica, Acupuncture & The Keg

This morning found me back at Jessica's. I haven't seen her for awhile, so it was great to be back. As always, she pegs my issues right from the get go. She gave me a clean billing for my health, I was happy about that. She did tell me, however, that I have some issues regarding patience & control. For those of you who believe that health issues can stem from emotional/psychological issues, you'll agree with me (her). For those of you who don't, well, I guess you won't! But I do. I guess that's my mission for these next 6 weeks of living with my Mom. Implementing patience when she doesn't hear me for the 4th time & letting her drive the way she wants (please Lord, let us arrive safe!).

I'll do my very best to make our LAST 6 weeks of living together as peaceful as possible. Wish me luck! I know I need the patience on my side & letting go of things I can't control is obviously a big help - resistance is futile, isn't that what they say?

After Jessica's appointment, I motored over to Centre St where I met a young man interested in buying my lens. I've had it listed on Kijiji since about May/June, so I was quite pleased when he said he would take it. We visited for awhile & then I had to boogie on over to my next appointment. I was going to see Dr. Zhao for another acupuncture appointment. Last time I had been so worked up about the police stopping us & all the other running around we had to do, I didn't get rid of much anxiety! (To say the least) Luckily, this time, I was able to fall asleep & woke up feeling much better about things! (Ready to take on the patience/control task!)

I stopped at CNF to pick up a few fruits for Jaco & then I boogied home. We were having dinner at the Keg with Mom & Ken & Mom2 & Greg. Initially is was just Jaco, myself, Mom & Ken. But then I thought we should invite Mom2 & Greg, seeing as we were running out of days to see them again. When I got home, Jaco informed me that he had spoken to Lawrence & invited him too. While I was at home waiting for Jaco to finish getting ready, Lawrence called & asked if Neil could come as well. So, we went from 4 to 8 in 24 hours. We had a great meal, but we didn't get a whole lot of visiting in, as it was a long rectangle table. I felt bad that Mom & Ken arrived late & were seated at the opposite end of the table from us. Oh well, it's not like we're never going to be in Canada again!

I had excruciating bone pain tonight. I thought my spine & hips were going to fly out of my body & stick into the walls around me. It was pretty rough. I couldn't get up to hug anyone hello at dinner & in the middle of the night I got up to use the loo & fell onto the bed the pain was so bad! Yuck!

Tomorrow is chemo, so I am assuming my WBC will be sky high from all this bone pain. Here's to a calm & clear round #9. Lekker slaap!


Mom2 & Greg - What a foxxy lookin' couple, eh? 
Neil, Mom, Ken & Lawrence 
Mrs & Doc


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